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OtakuFest is January 23-24, 2021 at the Miami Airport Convention Center. OtakuFest is South Florida’s newest Anime, Animation, Cosplay, Gaming, Comics, Manga & Music Festival.

OtakuFest is a two-day festival that celebrates anime, manga, cosplay, gaming, comics, and more. You can dress up as your favorite character or come as you are, we aim to be a very inclusive convention. OtakuFest is new to South Florida’s convention scene, but its creator/show-runner Winji Mesadieu has been a part of Supercon as well as the South Florida convention community for over a decade. OtakuFest expects to bring in 2,000 people over 2-days for is 2nd show! OtakuFest will feature fun activities and guests from the realm of comics, anime, animation, cosplay, manga, gaming, and more!