Created from over a decade of publishing experience and the information gathered from over (1000) Creative Writing panels. 


This is the book every creative writer has been looking for. It will show a creative process that works and explain the mysteries of creating memorable stories. 

It's creator CATHALSON, true to his mantra, has kept out the fluff and gets right to the point of creating great fiction!


This book also contains CATHALSON's creative writing theory which has received rave reviews from those whom have used it. 


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"Most writing books bore you with rambling and useless theory, this book made me think and pushed me to be a better creator."

Jayne M. (Horror Author)

"Great information and really gets you pumped to get writing!"

Oliver L. (Horror Author)

"I have been to Cathalson's panels, this book is the best of parts of them. Hands Down!"


Mike S. (Fantasy Author)

"CREATE helped me breakthrough and get my very first novel done. A must have for any writer looking to write that novel." 

Katie J. (Paranormal Writer)

"Cathalson has been there and done it! I have been to panels with many authors, This guy has written a book anyone can use and succeed with!"

J. M. Peters (SciFi Writer) 

"Read this book and learn to be a writer of great fiction. I have had the opportunity to sit in Cathalson's panels, and buying this book was a no-brainer for me. Proud to say almost done with my own book!"

Tammy G. (YA Author)

"Cathalson is my favorite author. He has created so many great stories and I have seen him live, giving out this information. So buying this book was a no-brainer."

Rick E. (Screenwriter)

"This book inspires and makes you CREATE!

Jenny H. (Author)

"A toolkit and a great read, Cathalson knows his stuff."

Mark Q. (Comic Writer)

"I could not resist grabbing this awesome book."

Maria R. (Author)

"Everything I needed to make a start on my novel"


Tim W. (Fantasy Author)

"Time flew by as I engulfed this book !

Henry G. (Writer)

"Its like a creative writing cookbook!"

Jeffery S. (Fantasy Writer) 

"Bought it...loved it! My friends want to borrow it!" 

Kathy J. (YA Author)